Friday, June 22, 2012


When I first had the idea to purchase my dojo, I was thinking that Ijust wanted to keep every thing the same so that the current students would not experience too much change.  I had fears that someone new would come in and change the style of martial art we were learning, they would change teh way the studio was run or that the studio would just close all together leaving us to fend for ourselves with regard to further training.

I wasn't quite sure what I was getting into at the time, and to be honest, 7 months  later I am still not sure.  But I can say that my perspective on this whole karate business has totally changed.
What I found was that I enjoyed coming to the dojo every day to teach.  No matter what kind of day I had at my regular job, I am always able to leave it at the door, especially on days that I have classes to teach. It seems that I have truly found something that I like doing. The feeling that I get from being able to pass on useful knowledge to each of my students, from helping them to learn something, is quite simply, great.  And when they get that look in their eye indicating that they "get" what I am teaching them, it is even better.

So, after the first 7 months or so, I look back and say that purchasing Soaring Crane Studio was one of the best ideas I have ever had.

That means I owe a huge "THANK YOU!" to each and every one of my students for helping me make this a truly enjoyable decision!